Thursday, April 8, 2010

Can't leave this alone

 I know, I know, I'm horrible at keeping up here. But for the few of you who still check in once in a while (thank you!!) I need to pass this along. Please keep not only Anne and her team in prayer but keep the country and this entire issue (human trafficking) in constant prayer, it happens everywhere, even here in the U.S. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, I promise I'll be writing new posts soon. ^_^

Preditors Wait

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where fear tempts me to stay home... step out

control smothers and fear asphyxiates and even now we could trust and nod yes to God's yes of today and now and breath.” – A Holy Experience

Sometimes the hardest thing is to move forward; like a cold, dark winter’s morning where the bed is so soft and warm, and the day seems so long and the floor so darn freezing. Now, where I am, is so comfortable, it’s not perfect but I know it and I can make it work… but you Lord, are inviting me into the unknown, where I don’t see how *I* can possibly make it work. Which, unfortunately, is your point, isn’t it? That it’s not about me making things come together, but becoming willing to let you do it all. How that thought terrifies me, it makes my heart drop, worse than a roller coaster.

I have put up my blankets, tucked and pinned them tight around my space; like my childhood forts, warm and ‘safe’. But you invite me, oh so gently, and with the outstretched hand of my husband beckoning me to step out, to see so much more than the familiar. The flannels are worn and soft… but your wilderness is breathtaking in its beauty, I’ve had glimpses before and the still small voice in my heart cries out to experience it more fully. Is it worth it to choose what I know so well because I fear where He might take me?... No, even with my trembling heart I must follow Him, even if He may mislead me (impossible as that is), He is my heart, He is my life and life without following His voice is darkness to me.

Breathe deep dear heart… and nod, whisper, “yes”.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heart breaking

Today has been a day of growing grief. As news flooded in about the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people displaced... not to mention dead in Haiti because of the earthquake my heart just hurt more and more. Then, I checked my Facebook feed and found this, Dear little Soma, gone from this earth. Even though I was at work, I could not stop my tears. I feel at a loss, I don't know how to help, just little old me, a continent and 700 miles of ocean from those in need. So I pray, and pray, and pray. Not even clear words or thoughts just aching hurts constantly being given over to the Spirit, begging Him to pray on my behalf for I do not have the words.
Tonight I want to pray, I want to be on my knees and give what little I have, emotionally & spiritually to these hurting people. Please join me, please see what you can do to give, right now they need money, badly. There are so many ways to give, even $5, $10 can make a difference, it can feed someone, give them enough clean water for a couple days.
World Vision
Compassion International
I won't let myself listen to the voice that says I can't make a difference in a tragedy this huge, I will give what I can and let God multiply it for His purposes. I will spend my energy praying and loving, even from all the way over here, and maybe, someday I'll get to see those who God helped with the resources He gave me.